Antonio Esparza

Antonio Esparza

The Firm and The Product is a project that finds new and interesting applications for 3D printing. They explore how 3D printers can contribute to the creation of circular economies where small micro factories transform recycled plastic into everyday products.  


“F&P develops applications for different product categories. These categories range from interior design to mechanical devices. Nevertheless, what all these categories share is the need to reduce ecological footprints. Hence it is possible to say that F&P develops sustainable appliances with 3D printing.”

“Sometimes when thinking about the future it seems that technological developments happen far away from us and only inside a couple of companies owned by billionaires. Our main motivation is to show that it is not the case. This is important because it is difficult to see a future where few people decide how everyone else solves their problems. We believe that there is no single person that can understand every single aspect of other people’s experience. That is why it is important to show that technologies like 3D Printing are available to you to solve problems here and now.”

“Our aim is to use 3D printing to create the circular business models of the future. Keeping the good and necessary parts of plastic while reducing the pollution that it creates.”

“Maker is a great source of inspiration. Our research shows that single individuals struggle to solve complex problems all by themselves. Maker gives us the chance to interact in an environment where others contribute to our challenges and solutions while we support and hopefully change the way they look at 3D printing.”

If you were to recommend Maker, what would your recommendation be?

“Maker is like a huge toolbox. When you think of new ideas, they usually come with unknown challenges. It is difficult to think that without knowing those challenges, you already have the tools and knowledge to solve them from the start. Maker is a place full of tools, knowledge, and people that can help you in this discovery process.”

Frederica Scott Vollrath
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