Aske Haslund Fabech

Aske Haslund Fabech

Aske was previously Production-  and Development Manager at Skaarhoj and has now created Helium Living. Here he makes products that make it possible to live super beautifully on around 30 m2 per person, which is what research estimates is realistic to do sustainably. As far as possible, the products are made from rapidly regenerating materials such as wood, and the products are designed to be produced locally.

“I am in the process of developing a whole product line of furnishing products that, among other things, include a toilet cabinet for the bathroom of 1 m2, a shoe rack for the narrow entrance and a pull-down cabinet that makes it possible to store your things away high up but with easy access, because the cupboard can be pulled down.”

“My motivation for starting the company and working with this type of product is that construction emits around 40% of global greenhouse gases, and accounts for a corresponding share of resource consumption and waste. The easiest way to reduce the huge footprint, are building less. We need to renovate and utilize existing buildings much more, and move a little closer together if we are to find a sustainable balance.”

“The goal is to deal with sustainability at all levels, from materials, production, business operations, product use phase, maintenance and recycling.”

“The community and all the knowledge that is collectively in Maker is fantastic and together with the workshop facilitators, it is so much easier to finish projects.”

“I have received training in the use of machines, sparring about product designs, marketing, ideas, and have been made aware of a whole lot of institutions, companies and programs. In addition, the community just gives great job satisfaction.”


If you were to recommend Maker, what would your recommendation look like?

“Maker can help you achieve your goal if you work with physical products and wants to build a sustainable business.”

Kirstine Kolling Hansen