Andreas & Hans

Andreas Kofoed Sørensen and Hans Augustenborg created Canairi® which is a Fresh Air Monitor™ improving your indoor climate and health through storytelling and intuitive design language. When the air quality is poor Canairi® will drop down, until you open the window to bring it back to life. Simple as that.

“90% of our life is spend indoors. Often in poor air quality increasing the risk of asthma, headache, fatigue and sleep disorders. Experts suggests that one of the best ways to improve indoor air quality is by ventilating frequently.

This is a huge but invisible problem, calling for a visible solution – so we looked for one and came to think of ‘the canary in the coal mine’. Back in the days, mine workers would bring a canary with them in the coal mine, to detect toxic gasses. When the bird fainted, it was time to get out. With a built-in CO₂-sensor, Canairi® works exactly the same way – but in your home.”

“When the air quality is poor the bird will drop, until you open your windows and bring it back to life. Unlike other air quality monitors, Canairi will let you know when to ventilate your home without the use of light, sound or phone notifications. Canairi stands out by using Storytelling and Gamification as nudging mechanisms to encourage the user to take action and change behaviour.”

“The democratic design language makes it simple for children to understand, but also invites the minimalist adult to play along. Canairi is made of recycled plastics and equipped with a CO2-sensor, a PCB-board, a step-motor a rechargeable battery and a wall-mount. – We want to improve the indoor environment in homes, offices and schools around the world.”

“We like to see Canairi as an intuitive solution to a complex problem. The main challenge during the design process, has been to strip the product down to the very essentials and not get carried away by multi-functionality and IoT-integration. In April 2022 we launch a Kickstarter campaign to finance the production of Canairi. In 30 days, we collected $460K.”

“Maker has allowed us to experiment with product development and run a side product programme where we have given people the opportunity to print our product themselves.
It always helps to be able to ask smart people in various fields – there are many of them at Maker.”

If you were to recommend Maker, what would your recommendation be?

“Maker has made it fast, easy and fun for us to experiment with our product. A prototype paradise. Everyone have been really open and helpful. Maker is brilliant for physical startups that need to test and develop their product. You don’t have to be an expert in 3D, coding, etc. There are plenty of friendly souls ready to help you – and who knows, maybe you can help them with something too”

Aske Haslund Fabech