Cases from past and present

Since our establishment in 2015, we have been on a mission to support physical entrepreneurship and sustainable product development. We have actively participated in a wide range of activities, with an overall focus on contributing to green and thriving cities.

On a local level, we have collaborated with organisations such as the Danish Architecture Center, DTU, the municipality of Copenhagen, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and many others in developing projects that promote sustainable architecture and urban development. Our work has also extended to national and European projects, where we have contributed to various innovation initiatives.


Through our work, we have pushed the boundaries of open-source hardware, enabling more companies to explore the potential of this new type of business model. We have been proud to support the development of various sustainable products, such as a refrigerator that can go “off-the-grid” for up to 72 hours, reducing food and medicine spoilage. And we are been a founding partner of the Distributed Design Platform that promotes young talents and the pursuit and development of destributed design. 


Our journey towards green and thriving cities has been an exciting one, and we have documented our progress in small stories that you can read about on our website. We remain committed to promoting sustainable entrepreneurship and contributing to a better, greener future for all.

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