Daniela Doe

Daniela Doe

Daniela Doe is a Portuguese Multidisciplinary Graphic Designer passionate about handcrafts. Being from a family full of artists in the crafts, she was always encouraged to keep her artistic practice present.

She has been living in Malmö since 2020, and been developing a greater interest in handcrafted textiles and sustainable practices. She started focusing more on creating unique textiles pieces and hands-on workshops to talk and experiment with upcycling and handcrafts methods applied to wearables and textile design.

She does everything from painting, sculpting, designing clothes, and creating art both digitally and analogically. 

“Upcycling means transforming clothes, accessories, and textile waste into new products. Upcycled items can be
post-consumer waste (items that have been purchased, worn, and discarded) or deadstock (items that did not sell). Whatever the origin, upcycled textiles are reclaimed and reconstructed to increase their value.

Through hands-on workshops, I want to encourage others to keep their clothes longer and teach techniques that help to repair and remake old clothes or textiles which are no longer being used.
And by creating unique textile pieces like hand-made rugs and upcycled garments.”

“I really enjoy sharing my knowledge about the fashion industry, the current problems with other people, and creating a space for discussion around these topics. While encouraging others to keep their clothes longer by teaching useful techniques and also just to make them think and be more aware every time they buy new clothes.”

“Everything I produce and create needs to be made consciously. Where I get the materials, the quality, and the production. Everything matters. I prefer to reuse materials I found, or buy them second-hand. And that’s one of the things I try to bring to my workshops, and let people know where and how can they get better and cheaper materials.”

“In terms of products, for example, for the handmade rugs, I hand-tufted. I try to only use leftovers or thrift yarn. Then finish it with Nature Latex and backed with jute which is very resistant and last for years and years.”

“Maker has given me the space to produce and develop better about my project concept.
There’s a lovely community at Maker, where everyone is very passionate and interested in helping and giving feedback. Also, loved the fact that is so easy to overlap different disciplines and have a more multidisciplinary approach to the projects because of everyone who is part of this community. There are always different perspectives, different ways of solving a problem, and so on. I think that is something really rare to find in the creative industry.
Collaboration over competition.
That was the best part about working from there, and it really help me to find a focus point and develop it in a better direction.”

If you were to recommend Maker, what would your recommendation be?

“For the great facilities, right in the middle of Copenhagen. Friendly and helpful community. And the amazing staff, also always ready to make our products the best version possible. It is a great place to expand your network since everyone has a different background and knowledge from different industries.”

You can see more about Danielas work on her website and Instagram

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