Distributed Design residencies at V-10

The Community Approach

Cities as circular, resilient and symbiotic micro factories

Distributed Design Platform, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, serves to re-think local manufacturing, with the advancements of digital tech and the internet in mind.

The platform was born out of the climate crisis, which has raised questions about the nature and culture of the products we buy. By undertaking research and development into alternatives to mass-production, focusing on the movement of data and the use of local supply chains, an alternative movement of production is now burgeoning. These new models, such as the maker movement, provide consumers more control over their products by allowing them a voice in the overall production process. Distributed Design Platform acts as an exchange and networking hub for the European maker movement, aiming to develop and promote the connection between designers, makers and the market.

Residencies in V-10

Over the coming three weeks we invite 4 designers, architects and physical entrepreneurs to work on projects interpreting the theme, building up products and models to be exhibited under the Copenhagen Architecture Festival on June 8th. 

We provide the participants with workshop facilities, experts, mentors, a budget for materials and the possibility of being featured and recognized on the Distributed Design Platform, shared across Europe. 

Public Masterclasses

Henry Glogau

Distributed design for extreme environments

Henry holds a Master’s degree in Architecture and Extreme Environments from the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen. He strives to improve the living conditions of marginalized communities, combining a humanistic approach to design, which includes attention to the social and environmental aspects of design, with interest in technology.

When: 30/05 – 2023 at 09.00 – 11.00 (V-10)

Design for circularity for makers and designers

Therese is a design engineer working for circular transition at Danish Design Center. She holds a master in design and innovation from Danish Technical University.

She is project managing DDCs activities as part of the Distributed Design Platform project with a focus on circularity tools and business models.

When: 31/05 – 2023 at 17.00 – 19.00 (online)

Therese Balslev

Antonio Esparza

Additive Manufacturing. Digital fabrication technologies for distributed design.

Antonio holds a PhD in creative technologies and runs the company The Firm and The Product. F&P is a project that finds new and interesting applications for 3D printing. They explore how 3D printers can contribute to the creation of circular economies where small micro factories transform recycled plastic into everyday products.  

When: 01/06 – 2023 at 10.00 – 12.00 (V-10)

The Community Approach: Open Call
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