Here you can see an overview of what Maker does and is a part of. 


You can also read about our awesome members and their products, projects and how they make use of Maker, each other and the workshop facilities

Our members

The members are the beating heart of our organisation, and they spark life, new ideas and movement into Maker through their education, skills and curiosity; everything from architects to designers, engineers and anthropologists comes here. From students with an idea on a napkin to the professional start-up looking to scale their business.


We are constantly working to gain new knowledge and skills to be able to push some of the agendas that are becoming increasingly important to society and at the same time pass on valuable new knowledge to our members.

That’s why we are engaged in a number of different projects, everything from Open Source Hardware to recycling materials to sustainable construction and distributed design, which you can read more about here.


Since 2015, we have developed and participated in a wide range of activities, all of which with the aim of supporting physical entrepreneurship and sustainable product development.


Everything from local projects with the Danish Architecture Center to EU-based innovation projects.


We have helped to push the boundaries of Open Source Hardware, so that more companies can now see the potential of a new type of business model. We helped develop and build a refrigerator for the world’s poorest that can go “off-the-grid” for up to 72 hours and thus reduce food and medicine spoilage. We have put it all into small stories, which you can read about here.

About us

In Maker, we believe that physical entrepreneurship, sustainable solutions and innovation should have the best possible conditions, and we want to play a role in creating green and circular solutions. That is why we give creative, curious and energetic people the opportunity to realize their ideas.


Malte Hertz Jansen

Managing Director


+45 2891 3537


Christians Brygge 31

1219 København K

Write or call if you have questions, are interested in a membership or if you are simply curious about our association and work.


We look forward to hearing from you and respond (typically) very quickly! 🚀