Frederica Scott Vollrath

Frederica Scott Vollrath

FSV Design was created to design playful objects! From board games to decorations and products for the home. The largest part of FSV Design is board game design with a focus on creating games to license to board game publishing companies like Ravensburger and Hasbro etc.

”Frankly, I design games where the theme or the gameplay appeal to me personally or capture my imagination. This tends to mean I create more children’s games (it must be all the bright colours!) though I also love designing more lightweight family/adult games and even single-player puzzle games, though these seem to involve a lot of colours too. 

I have a particular soft spot for ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ games and quick reaction games.

When it comes to the products I design bright colours and wacky shapes are a key feature, if not the key feature. Why surround yourself with beige and grey when pinks and yellows exist?!”

“I enjoy creating fun and interactive experiences for playful people around the world.”

“When it comes to Maker and Viadukten, the range of machines and equipment for prototyping and producing my designs has been invaluable.

The community has been a great way to discuss ideas with people working in different fields who have different focuses and perspectives on design and the design process.”

If you were to recommend Maker, what would your recommendation be?

“Join! Create in a space that is specifically designed to foster ideas and bring them to life.”


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