Frederik og Zilia

Frederik Kragh Brandt og Zilia Roikjær

Frederik Kragh Brandt is a graduate engineer in process and innovation and Zilia Roikjær has a degree in Entrepreneurship and Design.
Together they have created Plastic Projects, that is producing aesthetic plates from recycled plastic, which can be used to produce new sustainable products. There, plastic gives renewed value and promotes resource awareness in society.

They produce aesthetic sheets of recycled plastic that can be used as a versatile building material, so that everyone has the opportunity to create new products from recycled plastic. The boards can be used in the same way as wood to build everything from tables to skateboards.

“The plates have a diverse expression, like marble or terrazzo, which shows that recycled plastic can be more beautiful than ordinary plastic. We see this as the key to creating a societal change where people value recycled plastic and demand it in their consumption to spread recycling culture throughout the industry.”

“The company aims to recycle as many tons of plastic as possible, which reduces the need for new plastic and prevents plastic waste from being incinerated. In addition, it is our mission to show that it is possible to create a greener and more beautiful future with our products that we believe will create more conscious consumers who demand more sustainable products.”

“We are developing sustainable material from recycled plastic, which we encourage more people to build with, it has strength qualities and the material is too good to be seen as waste. It also has a great aesthetic quality that we want to use so that sustainability not only needs to be brown or gray, but that it can be a more beautiful choice.”

“Our project started when Frederik was employed at Maker, to do activities and material development in the Horizon 2020 project SISCODE. Here he built up skills in plastic recycling and we thereby created the foundation for our company today.”

“Maker is the basis for us having the company we have now, we have had the opportunity to build our own equipment and we have been able to refine our products. We have greatly benefited from the community, where we have the opportunity to use each other’s expertise, through sparring, collaboration and development of our processes. It has meant that we have found out what our customers might need, with the help of sparring.

We have also collaborated with other start-ups and created the opportunity for more people to have access to a sustainable material.”


If you were to recommend Maker, what would your recommendation look like?


“If you need space to develop your work, this is the best option in Copenhagen, you can come up with different stages in your process and get something out of it. No matter what you want to develop, there is something for everyone We have already recommended Maker to several entrepreneurs.

At Maker there is a community that actually succeeds, it can be difficult to find a decent community, but at Maker we use each other a lot and have a really good community.”


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