Kirstine Kolling Hansen

Kirstine Kolling Hansen

Tusamotus is a one-woman-army on a mission to give people back their ability to communicate visually. She gets hired for conferences and events to do graphic recording and she teaches teams in companies and organizations how to use graphic facilitation to improve their work processes.

“Maker is my day-to-day office. It’s where I develop my workshops, materials, and prepare large drawings.
I’m not working on a physical product as such, as so many other members. But I draw a lot with big markers on large pieces of paper.
My motivation for working on this is, making people’s daily work processes more engaging, easier to understand, and fun is what motivates me.”

“I work with sustainability on different levels. I support the global sustainability agenda through my work with large clients, as I support their processes toward a sustainable future. On a small scale, I refill markers when they are dry of ink, rather than buying new ones.”

“The team behind Maker are the best people. They are always there for the members and they are fun to be around. 
I get extremely inspired by being around so many talented designers, craftsmen, and nerds. We support each other’s small businesses and you can always ask for opinions or advice.”


If you were to recommend Maker, what would your recommendation be?

“Maker has a unique location right in the heart of Copenhagen. It’s a place full of passionate people.
It’s really hard to find an office in Copenhagen where you can combine a vibrant community, space enough for big drawings, facilitating workshops, a fixed desk, 24-hour-access, a stunning view, and the possibility of dipping in the canals in the middle of the day. At fair prices.”

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