We are proud to share that the first edition of the KOSTBART workshop has now been held and it was a great success! This is a project supported by Tuborgfondet, that focus on teaching perspectives on how to apply circular design and receiving hands-on knowledge in how to craft your own stool. 

Our mission

With this workshop, we seek to create a platform that combines knowledge with action. Our goal is to provide better conditions for sustainable product development and give better working possibilities for young, physical entrepreneurs in the capital region of Denmark. 

About the workshop

In the workshop, participants will develop their skills in practical creation, learn to think within sustainable production methods, and have the opportunity to create a community that support each other’s ambitions. 

The main concept of the workshop is to give the participants the opportunity to create their own design furniture, combined with providing methods on how to approach their design with a sustainable mindset. 

The workshop runs over 2 days, in which the first day centres on constructing the stool and the second day is about giving it character. Both days start with inspirational morning lectures, where we provide insights and perspectives on circularity within production and design. As a conclusion of the workshop, we gather in a circle around a big, circular table and discuss the process and how to create better opportunities for physical entrepreneurship in the future.  

Inspirational rolemodels

The KOSTBART platform has listed over 25 inspiring examples of people who work in various fields, all with their own sustainable approach. For each workshop, we invite two rolemodels to present their work, and help out with the construction of the stools. 

Next steps

This workshop will be held on several places around the capital region on Denmark in the upcoming year. Exact dates and locations will be announced continuously. Keep your eyes and ears open, if you want to participate in the KOSTBART wave!

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