Maker is looking for interns 🦾


Looking for exciting internship opportunities? Maker has two positions available: Content Creator and Workshop Assistant.


As a Content Creator intern, you’ll contribute to Maker’s online presence by producing creative content for social media and the website. If you have a passion for communication, graphic design, and digital media, this is the perfect role for you. You’ll have the chance to leave your mark on Maker’s expression, working with a supportive team that values creativity and storytelling.


If you’re interested in physical entrepreneurship and want to be part of developing Denmark’s coolest workshop and lab, consider the Workshop Assistant internship. In this role, you’ll help create the best facilities for Maker’s creative community. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about digital fabrication technologies, craftsmanship, and gain hands-on experience in a collaborative environment.

Both internships offer the chance to connect with fascinating physical entrepreneurs, build networks, and get a foot in the entrepreneurship industry. Join a team that emphasizes collaboration, independence, and responsibility.

And the best part of my internship at Maker was the opportunity to work with passionate individuals who value creativity, embrace trial and error, and make big moves. It was an inspiring experience that allowed me to grow both personally and professionally - Rasmus, former intern.

The internships are for 5-6 months and are for people enrolled in an educational program, that allows for internship periods. Maker provides an “erkendtlighed” (fee) of 3.300 DKK per month, which is the maximum amount allowed to still be able to get SU.

Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities to grow and learn. 

For more information about each internship, read the full job postings below. To apply, send a concise application and portfolio to the respective contacts mentioned in the postings. Reach out to them for further details.

Apply now and be part of Maker’s innovative journey!

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