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Malou & Thalia

Studio 21st is a strategic design duo, and with a starting point in social sustainability, their goal is to create products that can help to improve people’s quality of life. They do this by having a close collaboration with the users and other relevant stakeholders throughout their design process, where they include them through interviews, observations, workshops and test periods.


“We are developing a learning tool for school students. Pupils are energetic by nature, and often have a great need for minimal movement and activation of the sense of touch. When students have to sit still and follow the lessons, they try to fulfill this need for minimal movement through various activities at their school desks. These activities are often noisy and create unnecessary disruptions and conflicts, which create an environment that affects both students, teachers and the general learning environment.
With our learning tool, we want to recognize the students’ need for minimal movement, and contribute to a quieter learning environment, without unnecessary sounds and disturbances, where both students and teachers can concentrate. The learning tool functions as a supplement to the existing teaching, and meets the students’ individual needs for minimal movement and activation of the sense of touch in learning situations.”

“The motivation for creating the learning tool comes from the fact that it is a tool we could have used ourselves when we went to school. In addition, we are the people who examine things with our hands and have the best prerequisites for learning and understanding when we work and interact with physical materials and objects.”


“Studio 21st has a starting point in social sustainability, and therefore we also work in close collaboration with our users and other relevant stakeholders. In addition, of course, we also work towards the materials in our production being sustainable.”

If you were to recommend Maker, what would your recommendation sound like?


“Maker and Viadukten have been ideal for us and our work, as Maker houses both an office and a workshop. This enables us to have a flexible everyday life, where ideas for the production of new prototypes are never far away, as we always have workshops close at hand.
In addition, it is fantastic to be part of a creative and inspiring environment with the other members. At Maker there is a really good community, so despite the fact that we are a small company, we have the feeling that we have many colleagues and with a wide diversity. Here it is always possible to find a helping hand, get sparring or get good advice along the way.”

You can read more about Studio21st on their LinkedIn


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