Federico Kakazu, Kristel Laurits, Oskar Håkansson and Tillmann Toben
Manyone is a new breed that combines the best in creative thinking, strategy, and technology. Founded by experienced strategy and design executives, they merge an international mindset with Nordic design roots. They believe that a better future for businesses, people and the planet can only be driven by design. Manyone is a global team of teams working from several offices across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

In cooperation with OPEN!NEXT, the Danish Design Center and Maker we are designing an AR projector. It is an interactive, handheld device that through projection enables a new type of extended reality experience centered around play, exploration, creation and sharing.

“Traditionally, the tech industry has operated in closed silos. At the same time, low price of electronic components, open source software tools and rapid prototyping are readily available but still confined to specific niches which fail to result in mass adoption. We are here to leverage the combined power of design and strategy to bridge that gap.”

“We call this open tech – a democratization tool that can bring innovation directly to the customers. The result is an open process that empowers users to create planet and human friendly tech.”

“At Manyone, sustainability is part of any project – internal as well as external –  from the very early, conceptual levels through product, service and ecosystem design. For our AR projector specifically, we conceptualized it as a reusable piece of technology which can be easily assembled, maintained or improved using few and lasting materials. Also, when embracing the open hardware model, the design can be developed into a product from basically anywhere in the world.”

“Being a member at Maker has helped us to rapidly realize and test ideas in an iterative design process. The Viadukten space is also a great place, equipped with essential tools for rapid prototyping, especially 3D printers and CNC mills. There is a productive and friendly atmosphere and a welcoming and collaborative community. Moreover, the people here are always up for a chat about projects and they are happy to give valuable input and feedback to one another.”

“Beyond Viadukten’s doors, Maker and the DDC have helped us connect with an even larger community of professionals and enthusiasts. The knowledge sharing meetings and presentations have been inspiring so far – and we cannot wait to intensify our cooperation even more, as our project progresses.”

If you were to recommend Maker, what would your recommendation be?

“For individuals and companies alike, Maker offers an open-minded, collaborative environment to develop and bring their ideas to life in.”

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