Mathieu Bulliot

Mathieu Bulliot

Mathieu Bulliot studied mechatronics and robotics engineering in France. Desiring a greener future, Mathieu moves to Denmark where he meets Peter at a vertical farming association.
Peter Haurum studied economist in Denmark. He needed help to build his company, NordicGrow, and Mathieu took the role of CTO by leading the technological research, the supply chain and industrialisation.

While Mathieu is focused on developing new concepts at Viadukten, Peter is tackling marketing and sales challenges as well as looking for funding opportunities.
NordicGrow’s mission is to enable anyone to grow food at home, thanks to beautiful and easy-to-use indoor gardens.

“At NordicGrow, we are developing indoor gardens for private consumers. We want to bring the future of indoor farming in people’s homes, by combining Danish design with intuitive and simple user experience.”

“For us sustainability is more a necessity rather than a feature. We keep it in mind while choosing materials, suppliers and technologies. Sometimes it makes choices more difficult, sometimes easier. In the end it makes us proud of our product and we hope that our customers are as well.”


“As a kid, I used to garden in my parents’ and grandparents’ gardens. The experience of growing your own food, from the seed you plant until the fruit you harvest is a big source of joy and satisfaction.

Living in apartments all my adult life made it frustrating. I couldn’t get access to green space or feel like I was in control of my food supplies. With my company I am tackling these problems for myself and hopefully others.”

“Viadukten and its community is a big part of how our product looks and feels. Thanks to the tools, the workspace and the continuous discussions with other members, our products evolved over time in shapes we couldn’t predict.

We drastically changed our materials and manufacturing techniques for the better. This wouldn’t have been possible without the daily conversations and interactions with the community.”

“Being a fan of rapid prototyping and user testing, having access to a full workshop on a daily basis allows me to go from idea to a tangible concept to show in a few days.”


If you were to recommend Maker, what would your recommendation be?

“Come and say hi! There is always someone there, ready to welcome you. The community is very diverse in terms of backgrounds, projects, disciplines and aspirations, while forming a very cohesive group.

Whatever your project or company is about, Viadukten will speed it up and make it future proof if you are open to chat about it.”

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