Members in Maker

In Maker, the motto is: “We can’t do everything ourselves. But we can do most things together”.


The members are the beating heart of our organisation, and they spark life, new ideas and movement into Maker through their education, skills and curiosity; everything from architects to designers, engineers and anthropologists comes here. From students with an idea on a napkin to the professional start-up looking to scale their business.


Are you looking to join? Read more about the opportunities as a member here.

Meet our members

Maker has a long list of members that we are continuously presenting below. Here you can read about the history and background of the members, their drive and passion for creating. With a great diversity in products and projects there are plenty to learn and get inspired by. 

However, the theme across all members is always the same: Sustainability.

They consider sustainability in different ways in their processes. Some use leftover materials, so that less material is wasted. Some think about shipping options, i.e. making the packages as small and flat as possible. Some are working to creative distributed designs or possibilities to produce locally instead of shipping across the globe. Most use sustainable materials to create their products.

Read more about the individual members and their work below and learn more about the journey from idea to product.

Partners & corporate members

We have built our foundation on collaboration. That’s why we also have a wide range of partners who are all passionate about physical entrepreneurship and the maker movement and  contributes with knowledge, skills, tools and, not least, their commitment.

We collaborate with

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