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Welcome to Maker.

We are thrilled that you want to become a member and are looking forward to saying hi and hearing more about you.

As you know, Maker is a non-profit organization working to support physical entrepreneurs and hardware start-ups. The purpose of these questions are therefore to gain more insight into our members and to make sure that we highlight you and your work in the best way possible.



It takes app. 90 sekunds and after completing you will be redirected to OfficeRnD to complete the member sign-up and payment details.


We will soon be revealing our new workshop facilities – and as a member, you will be the first to know and to receive great offers and deals on access. 



Please reach out if you have questions about any of this on  or +45 2891 3537 – we are here to help ;o)

Membership offers

  • Maker Meet-Ups
  • with focus on knowledge, network and inspiration

  • Monthly Open Lab Days
  • where you can test machines, tools and facilities

  • Workshop in Copenhagen
  • with digital fabrication technologies, powertools, office facilities and much more (access can be purchased by members)

  • Book a Member
  • Get hired for production- or prototyping tasks

  • Dream team network
  • be a part of the most amazing group of people in Denmark - the physical entrepreneurs! 🚀

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