Natural Material Studio: Takes us into the future with pine needles and shellfish

Natural Material Studio takes us into the future with pine needles and shellfish

Imagine “leather” made from charcoal and ceramics made from shellfish. This is the reality at Natural Material Studio.

Here you have an ambition to create sustainable recycled materials that will get us well into the future. CEO Bonnie Hvillum experiments with everything from fir needles to foam in her products, where sustainability and a circular mindset are at the center of it all.
During her residency, as part of the DDP, Bonnie Hvillum developed the prototype of Pine Chair No. 1 at Maker – a composite material made from fir needles and a highly innovative and lifelike alternative to traditional textiles and leather.

Since then, she has further developed her materials and is today one of the most exciting designers to follow in terms of innovation of materials and alternatives to traditional textiles. Therefore, it also comes as no surprise that since her time at Maker she has collaborated with everything from the Michelin restaurant Noma to reputable universities.

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