About Maker and physical entrepreneurship

In Maker, we believe that physical entrepreneurship, sustainable solutions and innovation should have the best possible conditions, and we want to play a role in creating green and circular solutions. That is why we give creative, curious and energetic people the opportunity to realize their ideas.

Under the motto “We can’t do everything ourselves. But we can do most things together,” we bring physical entrepreneurs together and create the links to established companies and important stakeholders to give life to new ideas and solutions and support the growing ecosystem of curious talents.

In short, Maker is the link between the maker movement and the corporate world – here you get the best of both worlds.

We make it easier and more fun to be a physical entrepreneur

The Danes are full of drive and have tons of good ideas to solve both small and large challenges. However, despite the many good ideas, there are still far too few who choose to become entrepreneurs and realize those ideas. And of those who try, there are still far too many who fail. We at Maker would like to change that.


We want to create the best conditions for physical entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable solutions in the Danish entrepreneurial environment and collaborate with everyone who has ideas to come even closer.


We want to make it easier to be a physical entrepreneur by providing access to physical facilities, building and exchanging knowledge and skills and building connections to established companies.


We want to make it more fun to be a physical entrepreneur by organizing events, festivals and activities for and with current and future members.



m2 prototyping lab


yearly guests at Maker Festivals


different professions represented amongst the members


partners and collaborators

Who we are

Malte Hertz


Managing Director and Project lead

Asger Nørregaard Rasmussen

Workshop- and Community Manager


Kirstine Kolling Hansen

Project Lead and Graphics Wizard


Mathias Kamper


Project assistant and event coordinator


Rasmus Emil Tofthøj Jakobsen

Workshop assistant and head of prototypes


The board behind Maker

Behind the non-profit association sits a dedicated board that is passionate about getting physical entrepreneurship, green solutions and innovation to stand even stronger in Denmark.

Henrik Rasmussen (chairman)

Former CEO of Roskilde Festival and professional board member
“The creative and productive talents in Denmark are facing tough times these years. That’s why Maker’s work to make it easier and more fun to be a physical entrepreneur is so crucial.”

Julie Hjort

Program Director, Danish Design Center


“Physical entrepreneurs throughout Denmark are a great creative muscle, which Foreningen Maker helps to lift from idea to product to value.”

Nigel Edmondson

Managing Director, Manufacturing Academy of Denmark (MADE)


“Maker enables the design and production of innovative products, which are an important part of a strong Danish ecosystem within production.”

Niels Christian Nielsen


Entrepreneur and professional board member. Former Director at Technological Institute

Gunhild Sander Garsdal


Head of Projects, Copenhagen Business Hub

Other Makerspaces and Workshop Communities

When you have the idea and the urge to create the product, it can still be difficult to figure out where to go in terms of facilities, machinery and an environment of like-minded people. But luckily there are a lot of cool places all over Denmark.


Here you see a map of makerspaces and workshop communities throughout Denmark.

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