About Maker

At Maker, we’re on a mission to empower physical entrepreneurs and create a thriving ecosystem of innovative talent and sustainable product development. 


Join us at Maker and be a part of something exciting.

We make it easier to create physically in the intersection between design, business and tech.


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partners and collaborators

Who we are

Malte Hertz


Managing Director 


Asger Nørregaard Rasmussen

Workshop- and Community Manager


Siri Bahlenberg


Project Lead and Designer



Rasmus Emil Tofthøj Jakobsen

Workshop assistant and head of prototypes


The board behind Maker

Behind Maker sits a dedicated board that is passionate about getting physical entrepreneurship, green solutions and innovation to stand even stronger in Denmark.

Julie Hjort (chairman of the board)

Program Director, Danish Design Center


“Physical entrepreneurs throughout Denmark are a great creative muscle, which Foreningen Maker helps to lift from idea to product to value.”

Nel Jan Schipull (vice chairman of the board)

Partner, Tegnestuen Vandkunsten


“Maker enables the design and production of innovative products and can be an important part in creating liveable cities.”

Guillermo Callau

Partner, Manyone

Gunhild Sander Garsdal

Head of Projects, Copenhagen Business Hub

Anne Christine Lyder Andersen

Chief of Staff, Danish Design Center

Other Makerspaces and Workshop Communities

When you have the idea and the urge to create the product, it can still be difficult to figure out where to go in terms of facilities, machinery and an environment of like-minded people. But luckily there are a lot of cool places all over Denmark.


Here you see a map of makerspaces and workshop communities throughout Denmark.