Open-source speaker developed in Viadukten

New Open-Source loudspeaker

Lyd by Dissing develops a new Danish open source loudspeaker that is free to copy. Development and prototyping takes place in Viadukten under Langebro – Maker’s workshop for physical entrepreneurs as the first step in an extended collaboration with a number of companies to create new innovative products.

“As open source, both the design and the underlying software platform are fully accessible to the public, which enables the consumer to gain full insight into how the product has been developed and functions. It will therefore also be possible to make corrections and extensions to the speaker, thereby making a contribution to the product that everyone can benefit from.

Unfortunately, we have seen many examples of proprietary and closed wifi speakers that can neither be repaired nor upgraded. Something that often forces the consumer to buy new before the product’s expected lifespan has expired. Other phasing out working products”, says Tue Dissing, director of Lyd by Dissing ApS”

Strøm is a minimalist wifi speaker that, with support for both Bluetooth and Spotify Connect, makes it easy to play music and podcasts from mobile, tablet and laptop. The speaker is designed to both hang on the wall and to stand on a shelf, in the bookcase or on the windowsill.

Lyd by Dissing expects to launch the speaker in 2023.

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