OPENNEXT – Open source hardware development

OPENNEXT - Open Source Hardware Development

Today, the process of industrial product creation can be costly, precarious and environmentally unsustainable. However, there is hope for a more efficient and eco-friendly approach. Across Europe, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and manufacturers are joining forces to revolutionize the way products are designed, manufactured and distributed.

OPENNEXT aimed to create partnerships between companies and consumers that focused on eco-friendly transportation, consumer electronics, and customizable furniture. The project aimed to promote new business models and collaborative software solutions that enabled co-design and co-manufacturing of products.

In 2021, Maker collaborated with Stykka and XYZ Cargo to develop innovative products that exemplified the project’s values of open approach, design, and local production, while also advancing the concept of traditional business practices.

Starting in 2022, Maker expanded its collaboration with LydbyDissing, Manyone, and The Washing Machine Project to develop and prototype sustainable solutions. The development process took place in Viadukten with the involvement of Maker’s community and various experts. The goal was to shift the way people think about openness and create solutions that benefit everyone.

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