SISCODE – Co-design for society in innovation and science

SISCODE - Co-design for society in innovation and design

With SISCODE, Maker helped investigate and test how co-creation can help push the development and scaling of sustainable community initiatives across the EU.

Based on plastic recycling, we have worked on locally rooted recycling and design solutions and have spoken to citizens of Copenhagen, makers, producers of plastic, decision makers and many more to find a model to co-create more sustainable solutions for society.

Why recycling plastic?

Designers and entrepreneurs in Copenhagen have requested locally sourced, recycled plastic materials for use in their productions and projects. During the PIPO (Plastic-In Plastic-Out) prototype, we realized that having a small-scale prototype of our plastic processing solution also generated a lot of interest from other stakeholders making PIPO a knowledge sharing platform and training facility for local stakeholders with a desire to to become more circular.

Among other things, the project created the company Plastic Projects, which now produces recycled plastic sheets and in 2022 received a grant from Innofounder (DK) to further develop both the product, production and sales.

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