Tue Dissing

Tue Dissing

Lyd by Dissing was created with the aim of getting good sound back into living rooms. This is done by designing beautiful hi-fi and high-end speakers that fit into the modern home. The focus has primarily been on wall speakers.


Tue is developing a wireless and active streaming speaker that can be used to play music through Bluetooth and Spotify Connect. The goal is to make a nice alternative to the many plastic streaming speakers on the market today. Material selection and appearance are at least as important as the sound.

“Unfortunately, there are far too many examples of products with built-in obsolescence. This means that the consumer is effectively at the mercy of the producer. If a manufacturer wants to turn off a product, they can just do it. Then the consumer is left with no possibility of repair or expansion.”

“By designing the loudspeaker as open source, we give the power back to the consumer. It will partly be possible to expand and repair loudspeakers ourselves, should something break. If individual parts wear out or become obsolete, the individual components can be replaced .”

“In relation to Maker, it has been good to have access to a wood workshop in Viadukten. The opportunity to have a place to meet and collaborate on the product has also been good.

However, it has been difficult to get input from other people as it is a small-complicated design, which requires a lot of time/energy to familiarize yourself with in order to contribute to the project. The start of a loud-speaker community has been created on ing.dk through the blog, I write.”

If you were to recommend Maker, what would your recommendation look like?

“There is a fine wood workshop. With a lot of good machines and tools.”

Antonio Esparza
Mathias Vidas Olsen