V-10: The Workshop


Support physical entrepreneurship in Denmark for the small price of 100 DKK per month and gain access to:

  • Maker Meet-Ups with focus on knowledge, network and inspiration
  • Monthly Open Lab Days where you can test machines, tools and facilities
  • Workshop in Copenhagen with digital fabrication technologies, powertools, office facilities and much more (access can be purchased by members)
  • Book a Member: Get hired for production- or prototyping tasks
  • Dream team network: Be a part of the most amazing group of people in Denmark – the physical entrepreneurs! 

Get access V-10

With digital production technologies and traditional craftsmanship, V-10 is a meeting place for people with different backgrounds and interests. Entrepreneurs who are curious and open to exploring new opportunities and pushing the boundaries of urban and local production in a globalized world.

Here, the work with sustainability is physical and concrete – and everyone is able to participate. Here you will be a part of an innovative and curious community and have the opportunity to spar with members about big and small things.

We will offer several different forms of membership – both for individuals and companies.

Machines and facilities

When you have access to V-10, you will be able to use all machines and tools incl. 3D printers, lasers, CNC milling machines, power tools and much more. You can see the full list of machines and tools we offer on the page below.

You will also get access to meeting rooms, free organic coffee and tea, the option to register your company’s postal address, get packages delivered, access to common materials such as plywood, MDF, cardboard, acrylic and much more.