We would love to update you - because we have big news coming soon! 🚀

On the 1st of November 2022 we moved out of our premises under Langebro after 7 years and thousands of ideas.

We are currently working on moving to new, bigger and better facilities, so that we can once again offer open, cheap, professional facilities to all physical entrepreneurs and others who want to be able to create. Together. ❤️🦾

We are using the time away from the machines to create value through the projects in Denmark and the EU and to get ready to take over a new location VERY soon. The website here is therefore in no way updated – but it will be as soon as we can open the doors to new facilities, new types of memberships and new ways to support sustainability, creativity and physical entrepreneurs.


Until then – sign up for our newsletter and get offers for early access with reduced prices in the new facilities. You can so on the button below ❤️

Physical entrepreneurship

- Sustainable product development

At Maker, we are working to create more successful physical entrepreneurs. We do that in a lot of ways, e.g. in our open workshop facilities, where members can develop prototypes, businesses and ideas with specialized machines, competent advisers and a curious community. We are also working across the EU with projects on Open Source Hardware, Distributed Design, transitioning makerspaces to Circular Spaces and recycling of materials and local production. And we are working on supporting physical entrepreneurs when we organize Maker Meet-Ups, Community Breakfasts and festivals in Copenhagen.


In short: We support the growing ecosystem of active talents – together with others.

Member products

We have a community of +500 active and former members that work with sustainable product development in our workshop facilities. The members are the beating heart of our organisation, and they spark life, new ideas and movement into Maker through their education, skills and curiosity.
Everything from interiors, lighting design, installation art, mobile terror blocks, textile design, new architecture, exoskeletons and much more is developed here. Everything from architects to designers, engineers, anthropologists and all sorts of others comes here. From students with an idea on a napkin to the professional entrepreneurs and companies that need a strong community and digital fabrication technologies to be able to scale their business.

Below we have collected a few examples of what the members have developed in our facilities. You can also read more about our members – press the button below.

Selected partners
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