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At Maker, we’re on a mission to empower physical entrepreneurs and create a thriving ecosystem of innovative talent and sustainable product development. 


Our state-of-the-art open workshop facilities are the perfect space for members to develop their prototypes, businesses, and ideas. With access to specialized machines, expert advisors, and a curious community, our members have everything they need to succeed.


But that’s just the beginning. We’re also taking our expertise beyond our walls and working on projects across the EU. From Open Source Hardware to Distributed Design, we’re leading the way in transitioning makerspaces to Circular Spaces and developing sustainable practices for recycling materials and local production.


And we’re not just about business. We believe in the power of community as the lever. That’s why we organize Maker Meet-Ups, Community Breakfasts, and festivals throughout Copenhagen. We’re committed to supporting physical entrepreneurs in every way possible, so they can grow and thrive.


Join us at Maker and be a part of something exciting.

Our members: The Skilled Community of Maker

At Maker, our community of over 500 active and former members drives our initiatives for physical entrepreneurship and sustainable product development. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, they generate new ideas and movements within our organization. Our workshop facilities bring together professionals from various fields to develop innovative projects, providing access to cutting-edge digital fabrication technologies and a supportive community to turn visions into reality. Explore our showcased projects and learn more about the talented individuals that make up our community.


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Selected partners
CIRCuiT: Circular construction in regenerative cities
Distributed Design: New ways to develop sustainable products
OPENNEXT: Open Source Hardware Development
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