At Maker, we recognize the importance of staying current with the latest trends and initiatives in sustainability and innovation. We are committed to not only advancing our own knowledge and skills but also sharing that knowledge with our members.

These projects enable us to contribute to society and push the boundaries of physical entrepreneurship while also providing valuable insights and resources for our members.



CIRcUIT aims to deliver innovative, circular solutions that can accelerate the circular conversion of construction. The project is anchored in the Municipality of Copenhagen with partners across the EU with Maker involved as a practical partner. Here, among other things, we lead innovation camps with a focus on modular construction that is designed for disassembly.


We are also looking for talents in the Danish entrepreneurial environment who can help design the circular design solutions of the future. Is it you? Then contact us.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 821201.

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Project lead: Asger Nørregaard Rasmussen.


Duration: June 2019 to May 2023


With SISCODE, we are helping to investigate and test how co-creation can help push the development and scaling of sustainable community initiatives across the EU. Based on plastic recycling, we have worked on locally rooted recycling and design solutions and have spoken to citizens of Copenhagen, makers, producers of plastic, decision makers and many more to find a model to co-create more sustainable solutions for society.


Watch a video of the project here.


Read more about the project here: 


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 788217.


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Project lead: Asger Nørregaard Rasmussen.


Duration: May 2018 to April 2021

The project “Circular spaces” is about enhancing maker spaces to circular business principles in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) during a period of 27 months – from January 2023 to March 2025. The goal is to create a partnership of the BSR makerspaces to cooperate in bringing eco-design and material reuse in focus. Also to boost the circular economy by developing a digital circular collaboration tool.

At least 300 makers will be trained and involved in the production of more circular products and at least 6 circular business ideas will be piloted.

Read about the project her: Circular Spaces 


Project lead: Malte Hertz Jansen


Duration: January 2023 to March 2025


How do companies create Open Source business models for hardware products? With OPEN NEXT, we work across the EU to design, test and implement Open Source hardware development together with a large number of partners that include small and medium-sized companies, research institutions and workshop communities.

In Denmark, we collaborate with Stykka, XYZ Cargo, Lyd by Dissing, Manyone and The Washing Machine Project to develop new products that can contribute to advancing the understanding of ordinary business, combined with a valuable openness in approach, design and local production.


If this sounds like an interesting approach for your business, please contact us.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 869984.


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Project lead: Malte Hertz Jansen.


Duration: August 2019 to December 2022

Maker Festival

At the annual Maker Festival, we invite citizens of all ages to a celebration of maker culture. The festival turns the many creative environments that exist all over Denmark – and the world – inside out, and shows that everyone can become a maker.


Experience how special it is to create, research and invent. Enter the world of creative and innovative technology practice, folk research and urban entrepreneurship at the intersection of tech, art, design and maker culture in an accessible, tangible and inspiring way.


Project lead: Asger Nørregård Rasmussen


– The physical entrepreneurs of the future will be found in a Makerspace

With a new million-dollar grant from the Tuborg Foundation, Maker is starting an ambitious initiative to give more young physical entrepreneurs opportunities to develop the sustainable solutions of the future using digital manufacturing technologies.

KOSTBART is designed to foster new skills in young entrepreneurs, unite young people and others who work with green, physical solutions and disseminate knowledge, open prototype facilities, good examples and inspiring approaches to everyone.

Project lead: Siri Bahlenberg


Duration: October 2022 to August 2024


Maker runs an open workshop, a makerspace for professionals and physical entrepreneurs. In addition to being a physical laboratory and meeting place for our members, the workshop is also the center for all our other projects. This is where we test, lead, discover and develop – e.g. in our EU projects.

Stop by or contact us for a tour.

See more about our workshop here

Contact workshop manager Asger Nørregaard Rasmussen

The Distributed Design Platform (DDP) aims to professionalize and showcase new creative projects within the maker and design area. Here, entrepreneurs who work with production and design in a digitized world are highlighted.

The project celebrates, supports and inspires through pan-European collaborations, which are focused around mobility and distribution of design and products in new digital markets. Distributed Design Market Platform is based on both online and offline activities, such as events, distributed resources, workshops, festivals etc.


Project lead: Asger Nørregaard Rasmussen.


Duration: January 2018 til December 2025